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I almost forgot!  It’s time for my regular thankfulness post!  Once a month I try to find something small, something taken for granted, to be thankful for. 

Today, as I was rinsing off my tallow, after its 4th washing, I set it on cooling racks to dry off.  Nothing fancy, just your ordinary gridded cookie cooling racks.  And I realized how glad I was that I had them, because I didn’t want to set all that tallow down where air couldn’t get to it to dry it off.


When I got them, I never realized how much I’d use them.  I use them for their intended use of course, cooling homemade cookies, but I also use them for drying things, like my bricks of tallow, or bars of homemade soap.  I use them to cool cake layers, as large trivets, anything I might want raised to keep from scorching the counter, or anything I might want to get extra air circulation.  They’re a little thing, I mean, you don’t really think about cooling racks, do you?  I never did, never even had any until I was an adult.  Now they’re so useful and handy I don’t know how I ever got along without them.


Is there something you’re thankful for?

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5 thoughts on “Thankfulness

  1. Cooling racks are good, I’m grateful for mine too and a lot of other every day things. As well, today I’d have to say I’m grateful for my chickens. My three girls who provide us with eggs just about every day. I’ve just been down to collect them! Now to start baking. 🙂

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  2. I am thankful that the Toronto Transit system has added a new express bus that serves the route between my home and my workplace. It shaves at least 5 minutes off my commute, which is valuable to an always-running-late-in-the-morning person such as myself.

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