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I almost forgot!  It’s time for my regular thankfulness post!  Once a month I try to find something small, something taken for granted, to be thankful for. 

Today, as I was rinsing off my tallow, after its 4th washing, I set it on cooling racks to dry off.  Nothing fancy, just your ordinary gridded cookie cooling racks.  And I realized how glad I was that I had them, because I didn’t want to set all that tallow down where air couldn’t get to it to dry it off.


When I got them, I never realized how much I’d use them.  I use them for their intended use of course, cooling homemade cookies, but I also use them for drying things, like my bricks of tallow, or bars of homemade soap.  I use them to cool cake layers, as large trivets, anything I might want raised to keep from scorching the counter, or anything I might want to get extra air circulation.  They’re a little thing, I mean, you don’t really think about cooling racks, do you?  I never did, never even had any until I was an adult.  Now they’re so useful and handy I don’t know how I ever got along without them.


Is there something you’re thankful for?

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#atozchallenge Brought To You By The Letter L

Word of the Day: Like

I like like. It’s a good word.  It comes in handy for, like, a lot of things.  And I’m sure I say it way too much.

Like, I worked like a dog cleaning the oven today.

I sweated like a pig, eww!, one day last summer when I was trying to dead-head my little garden.  Generally, if it involves sweat, I am, like, SO outta there!  Besides, ladies are supposed to glow, not sweat.

Do pigs really sweat or is that just, like, a saying?  The closest I’ve ever been to a pig was Wilbur, and then all I could think was, “Breakfast shouldn’t talk back.  That’s just, like, so rude!”

I hung in there like a trooper and got caught up with my A-Z Challenge friends!  I commented and clicked like on a lot of posts.  It took me, like, a few hours, but I did it!  Next goal, adding you to my blog list, because I like you.  You guys are, like, so cool.  Stories, adventures, struggles, and triumphs!  Your hearts are so raw, and open.  I can’t even begin to tell you how much it means to me to see your vulnerabilities and thoughts shared so freely.

I feel like there are changes happening within me.  Not sure if those are, like, mental or emotional or both, but I feel changes in the air.  I hope I like them.


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