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#atozchallenge Brought To You By The Letter J

Word of the Day: Just

Did you know there are no prepositions that begin with J?  I didn’t either.  Until … just recently.

There are no real interjections that begin with J either, expect perhaps for Jeez!  Or Jeepers.

But while I might say Jeez, it feels weird to do a post revolving around it, and I never say Jeepers.  So I was just wondering what I could use for J and then it hit me.  Just use just!  I do use just a lot.

I was just thinking …

I was just wondering …

I just wanted to make sure …

I just had to know …

I’m just fine!

Did you just say that, really?

I just couldn’t imagine!

I just wanted to say hi.

I just wanted to know how you are.

It’s just me.


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