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#atozchallenge Brought To You By The Letter I

Word of the Day: Including

Part of the point, I believe, in including yourself in any kind of blog challenge such as this one, is to also include other blogs and bloggers.  It’s easy to sit up here in our pixelated towers and rain down our drafted brilliance.  It’s easy to respond to the lovely comments people leave on our blogs.  The hard part is going out there, stepping outside our comfortable spheres, and meeting other bloggers.  At least, I believe that’s true for the more introverted types like myself.  You extroverted types might find the going out and meeting other bloggers to be the easy part.  Smile

It’s always a struggle – how much to include in our “about” pages; how much to include in our comments.  Should we include smileys and emojies?  Some people hate them, others love them.  Do we include types of affection?  I like to include *hugs*.  I’m a huggy person.  I know bloggers who are creeped out by that. 

Should we include personal information, like pictures?  Or not?  Some have reasons not, very good privacy reasons.  Some like to include everything and are very open about their lives. 

It’s sort of like including yourself in a big block party.  You were probably taught, as I was, that including yourself in things unannounced is bad manners.  That can feel kind of awkward to overcome.  Even though blog challenges are basically open invitations, it still can feel strange to simply announce that you are including yourself in the fun. 

But that’s how it’s done.  Wave!  Smile!  Say hello!  Include yourself in the group. 

And then go around and include yourself on other blogger’s comments section. 

It really isn’t that hard to be friendly. 

Most of the time.  Winking smile


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