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#atozchallenge Brought To You By The Letter E

Word of the Day: Except

Not “accept.”  Nononono.  No.  How many times have I seen the two words mixed up around the ‘net?  You too?  *shakingmyhead* 

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way!


I saw the phrase, “naked except for my socks,” and my brain immediately yanked up the image of Tom Cruise from Risky Business.  You know the one.

Really, brain?  Really?

I knew girls who thought that scene was awesome, except I didn’t.  I’m all for dancing around the house in one’s underwear, but for some reason, I felt embarrassed on Tom’s behalf.  Maybe it was the socks. 

Anyway, back to except. 

The word conjures up all kinds of exceptions for me – things I am except when I’m not.  Or, conversely, things I’m not except when I am.  Like, I’m a fairly smart girl, except when I do dumb things, like post an old picture of Tom Cruise in Risky Business on my blog. 

Generally, I’m pretty stoic, except when I feel pressed for time, then I can get kind of snippy and cranky.

Mostly, I don’t smell like vinegar, except when I get out of the bath, at which time my beloved calls me Salad Lady.  Because I use homemade shampoo bars, I also use a vinegar solution rinse, except I add a lot of essential oils to it.  The vinegary smell goes away as it dries, honest! (for the record, my husband disputes this)

There are exceptions to every rule, I suppose.  I accept that.  I just can’t decide if those exceptions annoy me, or relieve me.  I like rules.  Except when I like breaking them.  Winking smile 

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