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#atozchallenge Brought To You By The Letter C

Word of the Day: Considering

This whole challenge thing isn’t going too badly, considering it was a last-minute, spur of the moment kind of thing I jumped into.  It’s not going too badly considering I didn’t even have a theme.  It’s not going too badly considering it’s only the 3rd day, ha!  Ask me again how it’s going sometime during V-Z and we’ll see what I say then!  You know, considering if I make it that far.

The whole blog thing in general isn’t doing too badly, considering I barely even knew what a blog was when I started my first one almost a decade ago.

The whole life thing isn’t going too badly either, considering how long I’ve been here, or how short I’ve been here, depending on how I look at it.  Some days I feel like I’ll never get off this rock, other days I feel like I just got here. 

Today isn’t going too badly either, considering it’s the first day back at homeschool for the kids and I, after our 4 week Spring break.  I say that in anticipation, considering I’m writing this the night before.  I’m thinking positively!  Which is pretty good, considering everyone always said I was a pessimist as I was growing up, a charge I dispute to this day, as I consider myself a realist. 

And now, I shall end today’s homage to the letter C and the word considering, considering that you are sick of hearing the word considering! 

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