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Thursday Thumbnails

Let’s see – what have I been up to in the last couple of weeks?

Well, there was this epic full moon around Purim, (March 23-24).

I made pink soap!  It was my first time using a colorant, so I was pretty jazzed. 

My daughter expressed her slight obsession with playing Destiny.  She arranged her fries in the shape of Destiny: The Taken King logo.  This is what happens when Destiny players can’t get their fix of actual game play time and have to share a console with their big brother.

More of that epic full moon, near the end of it’s cycle. 

Of course, I painted my nails for Easter! 

And I made black soap for my son!  My 2nd experiment with colorants and also room temperature soaping.  I am so digging that aspect of it, too.  Not having to time the solutions and oils, boo-yah!

My week in pics!  How was yours?

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5 thoughts on “Thursday Thumbnails

    1. It works in that you melt the fats, prepare your lye solution, and then let them come to room temperature before combining, as opposed to trying to combine them when they are at the same temperature, usually in the 95°-110° range. They cool at different rates so getting them at the same temp at the same time can be tricky, which is the nice part about room temp. You just let them cool down all the way. No thermometers needed. 🙂

      Does that help?



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