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Tech Tuesday

I was so excited when I saw these pens, I copied the entire ad to a blog post.  The hard part was trying to decide which parts of their campaign post to add to my own post and which to discard.  If you could see my pens, you’d see how I struggle to keep them in some kind of organized chaos.  I love pens.  I even once wrote a silly little homage to pens.  I have tons of them all over the place and they make a bit of a mess, I confess.  So the thought of having pens that can practically pick up after themselves, well now that’s an idea I can totally get behind! 

MAGNETIPS – Incredible Magnetic Pens! | Indiegogo

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MAGNETIPS – Incredible Magnetic Pens!

Refillable fineliners combined with super strong Neodymium magnets. Colouring is just the beginning!

Magnetips are not your average fine-liners. As well as being refillable, each one of our Patent-Pending pens also contains two super strong Neodymium magnets. This means that they attract one another (or any metal surface), becoming the centre-piece of your desktop. Colouring is only the beginning!

But we didn’t stop there. By adding two super strong Neodymium magnets to each of our pens, we gave the pens a life of their own, making each set into an object in its own right, both useful and playful in countless ways, even beyond colouring, sketching, and writing.

   photo Black-Cup-1500px-wide_zpsdg1ghgqi.gifBlack Edition

 photo Coulor-line-large-backround-Gif-1500px-wide_zps9oabms86.gifColour Edition

The sets are of equal quality and dimensions, so the pens from both will attract to one another. You can even play around and change caps between the two editions.

Each set of MAGNETIPS comes pre-loaded with a full set of 20 colour refills. Once these are finished, you don’t have to throw your pens away, but simply reload them with a new refill set.

Quality 0.4 Fine Line Fibre Tip 

Besides keeping them in neat order on your desk, the strong magnets inside the pens open up endless possibilities for playfulness and creativity.

  photo 4 together_zpsvvqwplnx.gif

MAGNETIPS – Incredible Magnetic Pens! | Indiegogo

11 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday

    1. Oh now there’s a question! I know regular watches can react badly to magnet, I forgot about the Fitbit kind of thing. Perhaps they address that on their website – I hadn’t thought to look for that.


    1. He did raise excellent points. I hadn’t thought of the jewelry aspect, but the phone, like how they pictured on their site, I wouldn’t put these by my phone.

      I loved the refillable aspect too, that was nice. 🙂


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