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Music Monday

I have decided that I want to get Gwen Stefani’s new album.  And a few others, but right now, I want that one.  I’ve listened to all the little snippets that Google Play lets you listen to, and I like them.  She doesn’t have a video for one of my favorites on the list, but I think this one might run a close second.

Another song that just speaks to me is this one by Kelly Clarkson.  It’s been one of my favorites for a long time now.  The video cracks me up, too.  I am SO one of those people!  Many years ago, I looked up from where I was stopped at a traffic light, to see a trucker clapping at my car dancing.  D’oh!  *redface*  I chose to believe the thumbs up he gave me was because I was an awesome car dancer and not an amusing idiot.  Quit laughing!  Awesome car dancing is too a thing!  Well, it should be!


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