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The Prayer Request

Robert asked the televangelist to pray for his hearing

After 3 minutes of violent shaking and trying to push him over backwards, the preacher asked,

“How’s your hearing?”

Robert replied, “I don’t know, it doesn’t take place until Tuesday at the courthouse.”


Ha!  It’s good to know what you’re praying for! 

Have an awesome weekend, and Happy Spring!

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5 thoughts on “Funnies

  1. It’s a sign of how many lawsuits I’m directly or tangentially involved in that I read “hearing” in the legal/courthouse sense from the get-go. (Don’t worry – I’m only directly involved in one lawsuit and it’s a frivolous one, so it will probably go away on its own pretty soon. The rest are all work-related.) Anyway, the joke was funny either way!

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    1. Oh Spark, it sucks that you’re involved in so much legal shenanigans. I wish it weren’t so for you, and I’m hoping it’ll all be over soon. That’s too many extra layers of work-related stress that no one needs. *hugs*


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