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Thursday Thumbnails

Well, I did a little better on the centerpiece this month than I did last month.  You can’t really see in this image, but inside the vase are little tiny shamrock pieces. 

It’s silly how happy these flower bouquets make me.  My husband and I were out at the store and when I saw all the flowers, I just stopped to look and smell.  So he said, “They’re on sale!  Get some!”  Normally, I kind of balk at cut flowers.  Especially roses.  I know, I’m weird!  But it sort of makes me feel like when someone pulls the legs off a bug.  I hate bugs, but goodness, just kill the thing quickly, don’t torture it.  And flowers belong on their plants.  But, as I was just standing there looking at my bouquets after we got home, my son said, “It must feel like  you’re gardening early indoors.”  Yeah. Yeah!  What he said!

Once we got home, I realized all my vases were packed away.  So, I scrambled and tweaked something to throw together. 

This is the bouquet that initially caught my eye in the store.  Look at those colors!  Yellow!  And that blue … I’m so drawn to that particular blue lately for some reason.

And booyah, I was able to paint my nails for St Patrick’s Day!  A rainbow, with a pot of gold at the end, naturally.  Open-mouthed smile

I made treats!  For my husband’s co-workers, and the ladies at the complex office here.  They swooned.  Score!  These are chocolate mint and tinted dark green on the inside. 

My week in miniature – how was yours?

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11 thoughts on “Thursday Thumbnails

  1. Wow looks like an awesome week indeed 😀 Those flowers look incredibly beautiful 🙂
    And that is some incredible painting on the nails ❤ I am not sure if I would have the patience to do all that though myself . And even if did I am sure it would not be picture perfect like yours ❤ But I DID paint my nails yde with a single color. OPI's She's a Bad Muffuletta 😛 The name is funny but I looooove the color . Must have if you are a lover of pinks or corals. It is a mix of both !!

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    1. Aw, thank you sweetie. Actually, it wasn’t that hard, and I use speed dry polish because I’m so not patient when it comes to painting my nail, lol.

      Your color sounds lovely – I’ll have to check it out as I am indeed a lover of pinks. 😀

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      1. Oooh. A lover of pinks ? So glad to meet you Vanessa ❤ I adore that color and indeed its my favorite color by all means 😀 I would have painted the house pink, but for my husband who thinks it is a "girly" color. Gender wars I tell you :\
        When I meet anyone else who loves pink, I consider them one more step closer to my soul 😛 heehee

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  2. Oh my goodness, those treats look AMAZING! And such pretty flowers! I haven’t bothered with cut flowers for a long time, because our dining room table (the only place to display them) is always so cluttered with my husband’s work stuff. I might have to make some room for flowers soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, definitely make some room! It’s silly how happy they made me, but having a bit of Spring in the house was such an uplifting thing. 😀

      Wish we lived closer so we could share treats together. 🙂


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