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When I asked my kids today if they had any suggestions as to what I could write about that I was thankful for, my son immediately offered, “Toilets!” 

True enough, that.  But, I didn’t really want to write about toilets.  His next suggestion was “Hot water.”

Yeah.  How thankful am I for hot water?  Loads!  And interestingly enough, I really was thinking of that just a couple of nights ago, as I was filling up a pan from dinner to soak before washing. 

We take it so for granted, this gift.  We turn a knob and poof, hot water.  Earth-temperature water would be amazing enough, but we have the ability to actually heat the stuff in tanks before it comes out of our tap. 

Truly, a blessing, and one I am so thankful for!  Every sink full of soaking dishes, every load of laundry, every bath, every shower, every dishwasher load, every mop bucket for washing the floors, I am thankful.  Thankful I don’t have to walk further than a few feet to the nearest faucet, that I can simply lift a handle and there it is, ready for me.  And bonus, our heater is supplied by our hot water tank, so being able to heat our place is also because of hot water.  So yeah, grateful.  It gets cold here.

How about you?  Is there anything you’re thankful for this month?

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11 thoughts on “Thankfulness

  1. Toilets are amazing!
    I’m not talking about that crazy toilets that heat, massage and wash your backside. I’m talking about the standard regular toilet.
    Without the toilet, you’d be crapping in a bucket every night, storing under your bed until morning, then dumping it a hole in the ground the next morning.
    If only could work, I would pick my toilet over my hot water heater. I can always warm water over a fire so that I may bathe. I ain’t pooping in bucket, got it?


    1. I got it, and I second it!

      I’ve seen pictures of those old porcelain commodes. My luck, I’d have been born as the servant who had to empty it for the lord or lady of the manor. Bad enough to have to deal with your own, but someone else’s? Pyew!


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