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Tech Tuesday

Windows 10 May Delete Your Programs Without Asking

When you install a major Windows 10 update, you may reboot to find some of your programs missing. Yes, Windows 10 may remove your programs without asking you–but you can get them back pretty easily.

This is the takeaway from some people’s experiences with the “November update,” Windows 10’s first big update. Microsoft has refused to comment on this, but it seems like the update process is designed to remove incompatible programs. Here’s what’s going on, and what you can do about it.

Windows 10 May Delete Your Programs Without Asking

Well, here’s another entry in the “No Love From Microsoft” files.  I got this article in one of my email newsletters the other day.  This is part of why I don’t want to install Win 10 on my desktop computer.  And while I really shouldn’t be, I am still rather flabbergasted at the sheer brute force Microsoft seems to be employing regarding this whole Windows 10 thing. 

The first line in that article I linked to above really gagged me.  I can get my files back?  Oh joy, I can go through the hassle and aggravation of trying to figure out what Microsoft did with them and where they got trashed to, and then try to figure out how to re-install them into an OS that discarded them in the first place?  Sounds like a ton of fun. 

I know that the whole “Free Windows 10!” thing ends in July when Microsoft will start charging for it.  What I’m wondering is whether or not all this “You will take it and like it” crap will end then?  Or will Microsoft try to force people to pay for it?  Seriously, at this point, I don’t think I’d put it past them. 

‘Free’ Windows 10 Has An Expensive Secret

I’ve loved Microsoft for years and been a big fan in a lot of ways.  But this entire GWX (Get Windows 10!) thing has really left a bad taste in my mouth. 

Why Microsoft Says Windows 10 Upgrades Cannot Be Stopped

Oh, and don’t think that businesses are exempt, either.  Big corporations might be getting some slack from Microsoft still, but starting this month, small to medium businesses are going to begin feeling the GWX bite. 

Microsoft Changes Windows 10 ‘Free Upgrade’ Rule

Good luck, Microsoft, with trying to force businesses to cave under your pressure.  I have one word for you, and businesses know it, too.  LINUX.

I don’t think this will end well.

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4 thoughts on “Tech Tuesday

  1. This simply pi$$es me off. I hate this. And it’s stupid. They’re so desperate they’re going to FORCE people to upgrade? I would think a class-action lawsuit could be brought against them, domestically AND internationally. Car companies depend on people buying new cars to stay afloat, but they can’t FORCE people to upgrade their old cars if they aren’t ready or willing to do so. I own the computer, NOT M$. If I don’t want to upgrade all they can do is stop supporting the OS I have.

    They’ve already done that with WinXP and Win2K3 server, they’ve done it with Windows Vista and 7, and they can do it with Win8 too. But you can’t FORCE anyone to upgrade. It’s GOT to be illegal.

    Still, there’s this:

    Maybe that still works. I hope so. I guess I’m going to do this:
    1. Make an image of my computer and move it somewhere safe.
    2. Upgrade to Win10, so M$ sees I did it.
    3. Reimage my computer BACK to Win8.1 and f&%k M$.
    4. Think about this long and hard before I endorse M$ ever again, for anything.

    I’m livid about this. LIVID.

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    1. I totally agree with you. It is MY computer, not Microsoft’s, and if I don’t want to change what’s on it, I shouldn’t be forced to do so.

      Thanks for the link, I’ll be checking it out!


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