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hAPPy Monday

In all the years I’ve been blogging, it’s only recently that I’ve come to really appreciate the Comment Reply via Email feature that WordPress offers.  In my defense, the type on the email is REALLY tiny and hard to see, but it is there!  If you get email notifications for new posts from bloggers you follow, or comments left on your blog, you’ll see a little, teeny tiny sentence that reads, “Respond to this post by replying above this line.”  In my email program (Windows Live Mail), It’s grey on a slightly lighter grey background.  To be honest, I never really paid that much attention.  I saw the email telling me about a comment, so I’d go to my blog and read the comment.  A couple weeks ago, I saw that little line and thought, “Huh.  Who knew?  I wonder if it works?  Do you just click reply?” 

Why yes.  Yes, it does, and yes, you do. 

For me, this is pretty epic.  It means I don’t have to use a browser to respond to comments, or posts.  My computer is about the same age as me … in, you know, computer years, and it creaks and groans at booting up, just like I do.  Trying to open a browser (doesn’t matter which one, they all are heavy resource hogs) makes my tired little box sigh in resignation.  Eventually it gets around to opening a window.  I’ve learned that when I click to open a browser, then just go throw a load of laundry in, or make the bed or something, and by the time I’m done, voilá!  Open browser!  It’s like magic.  Really … really … really … s l o w magic. 

So, for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been trying to tweak the filtering for my emails, so all the comments and WordPress stuff go into a single folder, and all I need to go is go down the line.  Isn’t that cool? 

If you’d like more information, you can check out the WordPress articles:

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5 thoughts on “hAPPy Monday

  1. Just a thought… If your computer is creaking and wheezing or whatever you said, just like the computer I’m typing on right now, maybe streamline your blog a bit. I get “Your browser is using high levels of memory” notifications when I load your page. Just a thought. A couple less pictures or linked images to other web services. (I think most of the compu-juice is being used up by wordpress itself. It’s gotten pretty bulky in the past couple of years apparently.)

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    1. Hm, that’s odd. I try not to use “heavy” images, for just that reason. A couple I’ve even gone so far as to re-do them in some editing software I have, to make them smaller.

      Do I post a lot of pictures? I didn’t think I did, hmm, I’ll have to check that out, thanks!

      It is true that WP has gotten weightier in the last couple of years. They’ve made a lot of changes, not all of them appreciated by the masses, it would seem. Have you tried their downloadable app? Personally, I haven’t found it to be better in any way than just going to the website.

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  2. We’ve been down the “my computer is old” road before. You’re making a choice there. *Sigh*

    But this IS pretty epic! Unfortunately, I can’t use it. Most of the time I’m supposed to be working when I reply to comments. Maybe this is a clue to do personal stuff only at home, like I bellyache about others not doing on my blog. Hm. HMM.


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    1. I never said it wasn’t a choice. It’s just a statement of how things are. My computer is old now, and it’s slowing down. That’s all. So, this is a way for me to baby it a little. 🙂


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