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What’s Your Love Type?

Yep, guilty as charged on this one.  However, I do insist that those listed at the bottom are definitely not my best matches.  I’m an Innie (introvert) and Outies, (extroverts) while I love ‘em dearly, would not be a good romantic match for me.  Friends, yes.  Romances, no.  Extroverts are really high maintenance for Introverts.  I think it would just place too much unnecessary stress on a romantic relationship.  At least for me.  YMMV  Smile

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Your Love Type: The Scientist (INTJ)
In love, you tend to be very private and withdrawn – even when things are going well. You don’t open up easily.
For you, kissing and hugging are important in a happy relationship. They are less important when things aren’t going well.

Overall, you are confident, intelligent, and serious about commitment. You don’t do flings or casual relationships well.
However, you tend to hold back and not show your emotions. You think your actions should speak for themselves.

Best matches: ENFP and ENTP

2 thoughts on “What’s Your Love Type?

  1. Oh boy, I hear you on not wanting to share too much time with an extrovert. One of my greatest pleasures in life is time spent completely alone. I love my husband, and I do miss him when he’s away too much, but mostly we each leave each other to do our own things, and that works for both of us.

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