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Networking Tips for Introverts

I saw this article in an email newsletter I get, and I thought it worth passing along.  It’s targeted at people in business situations, but I thought some of the tips could be applied to any social situation, for instance, a party your neighbor invited you to.  (or, for the grammar police, a party to which your neighbor invited you.)  Parties generally aren’t very fun for us introverted types.  Small parties maybe, where we already know everyone, but not big parties with lots of unknown people.  Scary!  And scary is pretty exhausting.  So, having tips and a plan can be useful, because generally, “introverts” and “networking” don’t get along very well.  Winking smile  Which is probably part of why we blog – it’s a safer and less scary form of networking. 

Networking Tips for Introverts

If you’ve used any of these ideas, or have others you’d like to share, sound off! 

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