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Who Are You in a Group?

Well now, I don’t know that I’m the leader.  I always thought of myself more of a loner than anything else.  How can introverts be leaders?

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You Are the Leader

You follow your own path, and the turns you take are often unexpected and inspired.
Anyone is welcome to join you on your journey. You don’t try to lead; it just ends up that way.

You are prepared to make difficult decisions and do what’s right. You’ll take all the credit and all of the blame.
You are highly intelligent and have a lot of mental strength. You can tough almost anything out.

9 thoughts on “Who Are You in a Group?

  1. I am definitely not a leader. In a group I tend to sit back, observe, comment when someone asks but I generally keep to myself. Sometimes I wish I was more outgoing but I’m learning to love and accept myself for how I am.

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    1. See, you basically expressed my thoughts exactly. I am so quiet, I’m almost invisible sometimes. Once, when I was a little girl, the babysitter forgot I was in the car with her, lol.

      You and I can book our seats in the observation lounge, okay? I’ll bring cookies, you bring drinks? 😉

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