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ErgoDox EZ

Saw this in an email newsletter today, and I knew I had to post about it.  The timing is interesting because just last night I was talking about keyboards and writing and then I see this today.  Strange. 

I know a guy who loves him some keyboards.  I mean, he collects the things like others collect comic books.  He’s been on a “perfect keyboard” quest for years.  Came close once, real close, but the way the keyboard sat on his desk caused some nerve issues in his wrists so he had to stop using it. 

Then today I saw this, and if that guy is reading this post, he might want to get himself a napkin to wipe up the drool.  This … is keyboard prOn. 

Love you, Babe!

All rights reserved by Vanessence


A beautiful split keyboard
with mechanical keys.

Successfully funded! Now available for pre-order right here, with our new ErgoDox EZ Wing wrist rest and the exclusive ErgoDox EZ Tilt/Tent Kit!

  • Comes fully assembled (not a kit).
  • Full 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Case made of injection-molded ABS plastic, not 3D printed.
  • Printed keycaps available! Look for the perk on the right.
  • Custom accessories: Tilt/Tent kit and Wing wrist rest
  • Powerful, customizable, open-source firmware (QMK)
  • Supports N-key rollover (NKRO) and mouse keys

Imagine an ergonomic keyboard that’s so great, people would be willing to buy it in bits and pieces and solder it on their own. A mechanical keyboard, fully customizable to your needs. Such a keyboard exists: the ErgoDox. But why should it be so hard to get?

ErgoDox EZ: An incredible mechanical keyboard | Indiegogo

7 thoughts on “ErgoDox EZ

  1. Can’t believe you posted this! We have bought one for our teenage son as he does a lot of programming and typing and he absolutely swears by it. Says it’s the best keyboard, it took a while to get used to, he said, but it’s been fantastic for him, his posture and the way he holds his hands on the keyboard.

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    1. How awesome is that?! Great minds! 😀

      I bet it would be kind of hard to get used to, but how cool, to have the keyboard suited to your hands, instead of having to conform your hands to the keyboard. I am so intrigued by this design. Maybe if I save my pennies … 🙂


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