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hAPPy Wednesday: Write Right

My husband is looking for the perfect writing software.  I used to look for the perfect pen, now that I think about it.  I remember when I was a teen, going into a local office supply store.  It wasn’t a big box store like they are now, just a local mom and pop type of store.  The guy behind the counter asked if he could help me find anything and I said, “I am looking for the perfect pen.”  He raised his brows at me and kind of laughed.  I didn’t realize what a nerd I was.

Finding the right tool to express yourself with is sometimes a big hurdle to cross.  I have dozens of pens.  My husband has tons of software and keyboards.  We’re alike like that, lol, I’m just a cheaper date.  Winking smile 

I found a link to some software I’d bookmarked as a blog post draft, called Hemingway Editor.  It looks quite awesome, and the web version is free.  The desktop version isn’t all that expensive, at $10 a pop.  It’s not the perfect software my husband is looking for – it doesn’t seem to have a dark version for reducing eye strain, and it doesn’t seem to have navigational aspects to it, like when you use headers in Word.  But for blogging and letters, compositions and general day to day writing, it looks like it’d be a handy dandy tool. 

Do you use any kind of software like that to help strengthen your writing skills?  I’m debating.  I’ve been told that my writing and speaking styles are nothing alike – that anyone reading me would think I’m a totally different person than if they spoke with me.  I’ve been trying to work on that.  I was so conditioned in school on proper sentence structure, grammar, vocabulary, etc.  For me, its difficult to write how I speak.  Basically we were taught not to do that.  But maybe something like Hemingway Editor is worth a shot. 

What’re your thoughts on it?

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11 thoughts on “hAPPy Wednesday: Write Right

  1. I use Hemingway Editor-the free version. It works for me so far so have not really looked around for other options. I was told today that my writing has been better-when one compares my first blogs to my current ones-it could have something to do with the experience…but I think it is the App!

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    1. So you think it’s made your writing stronger? Has it helped when you’re writing things and not using it? Like, do you think it’s caused you to think more about how you write when you’re not writing on your computer?

      Thanks for your input, Deb!

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      1. Definitely. I keep having to rewrite whole sentences that have been highlighted, or make small changes I would never have thought were wrong before. With time this kind of writing becomes second nature.
        You are welcome.

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  2. I looked at Hemingway, but honestly, I don’t know if I would ever fully trust some automated method of “correcting” my wording. This will just as effectively remove author voice as polishing and redrafting repeatedly, so there’s that. But just having the app chop up my wording in favor of its own made me uncomfortable.

    Maybe specific sentences can be copied and pasted into the free version? If, say, I’m having a hard time figuring out how to reduce wording in a particular paragraph or sentence, it might be of benefit that way. But I don’t want the whole thing done that way.

    My 2¢.

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    1. I wondered about the polishing aspect. Word suggestions could always be ignored, but I also thought the run-on thing might be nice.

      There is always the notion that if everyone was Hemingway, he wouldn’t have been so special, too. Hmm.

      Worth more than 2¢ to me, Love!

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  3. There’s no such thing as a perfect pen. At least in my penny-pinching experience. I ain’t shelling out for no hoidy-toidy deluxe-mo pen that writes upside down in space.
    I settle for certain pen aspects.
    Production drawings, I use a Pentel R.S.V.P. fine point. Still smudges a bit, but I like the feel.
    For writing cheques (cuz I old-skool like dat), a Staples Motiva. No smudges and a gentle touch. Like a clown’s girlfriend.

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    1. Yeah, I’m not paying boku-bucks for a fancy pen either. I want quality at a decent price, like it used to be. I love those RSVP fine points! I use them when I do the paperwork for homeschool because they are able to get through the triplicate copies I have to do. For checks I like the Pilot Dr Grip, have you tried that one? It writes really smooth and it feels really nice in the hand. I’ll have to check out that Motiva! I’m always on the lookout for a good pen. 🙂

      I dressed up like a clown once, for my job when I was a teen. The first kid I said “hello!” to is probably still in therapy, poor thing.

      It’s great to see you here, I’ve missed you. 🙂 Welcome back!


  4. I have never used editing software other than Word and WordPerfect, and I don’t have strong feelings about pens. The only thing that really gets me is when a ballpoint pen starts leaving blobs of ink behind – that really bugs me.

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    1. Oh yeah, blobs – and smears! I hate when my hand accidentally smears what I’ve written. D’oh! But, I do love pens. I have a bazillion colors.

      I’ve not used WordPerfect in many many years. Most digital text things I write are in OneNote or Live Writer (the blogging software). Which is probably why I’m rather curious about editing software. It seems so generic somehow, but I also think it might be helpful on a few levels. Hmm.


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