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Amazon to Begin Selling Books


The titles in Amazon’s bookstore will be offered at the same price as those online. But in addition to books, shoppers at Amazon’s bookstore will also get to peruse the company’s devices, including Kindles, the Echo, the Fire TV, and Fire Tablets.

Amazon to begin selling books — in its own bookstore

So, this is pretty cool, I thought.  And amusing too, in a way.  After all the flap that Amazon has gotten about, “They’re killing the book industry!” they go and open a bookstore, thereby proving how they are SO not killing the book industry. 

For the record, I love Amazon, and I love what they’ve done for reading. and for writers like my husbandAmazon hasn’t killed publishing, the publishing industry is that doing that to itself, all by itself, but that’s a story for another post on other blogs.  [Namely A Newbie’s Guide to Publishing and Kristine Kathryn Rusch – Writer, Editor, Reader, Fan Girl]  I thought it was so awesome to see that Amazon is going to open its own bookstore.  For those folks who love the tactile experience of reading, and the smells of bookstores, what a boon!  I hope it takes off like a rocket! 

How about you?  Are you an e-reader type or are you a bound-book reader?  I think I’m probably about 90% e-reader.  There are a few things I like printed, like my Bible, and textbook type things, and I like to print up recipes because I don’t want to use my device in the kitchen.  But for the most part, once I discovered the Kindle App on my first smartphone, I haven’t looked back.  You know, because my nose was buried in the Kindle … *nyucknyucknyuckrimshot*  Sorry!  lol 

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9 thoughts on “Amazon to Begin Selling Books

  1. Another stab in the heart of my neighborhood bookstore. But maybe it will show that real, bound books are beautiful, a delight to hold and read – and totally independent from the Internet and unhackable.

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    1. All true, Ludwig! I appreciate a good bound book just like anyone. However, I also love the ebooks for their convenience. Backlighting and adjustable text go a long way! LOL I think printed books will always be good for the classics, for textbooks, Bibles, cookbooks, and for their artistic beauty. Gold and silver-leaf edges just are not possible on the devices. But for day-to-day reading, the kind for pleasure I suppose you could say, I think the ebooks have a great advantage. 🙂

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    1. Well, okay, the bookmark thing. And there are some adorable bookmarks out there, too, lol. 🙂

      I like the adjustable font on the e-readers – it helps my eyes so much so I don’t have to reach for my reading glasses.

      Is it the glow of e-readers that bothers your eyes? I’ve heard a lot of people say that.


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