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Thursday Thumbnails

Christmas is done and ours this year was wonderful, perhaps one of the best ever.  We saved our pennies and were able to get our kids something they really wanted, and something we really wanted to get them.  *fistpump*  It’s a long way from the times we weren’t able put anything under the tree, so gratitude is high on our list.  Smile

The New Year’s manicure.

Homemade French Silk Pie I made for my husband’s birthday.

Pizza cake!  My husband saw this several months ago and told me he wanted this for his birthday dinner.  If you’re going to break a diet, homemade pizza is surely a good way to do it! 

The Christmas full moon.  It really was lovely.  I was still up at like 4 AM and I had to walk across the parking lot to get this shot as the moon was behind our building.  Like a dork, I didn’t wear a jacket because I thought I’d just be able to pop out, snap a picture, and go back inside, but no.  I had to go across to the office building to take a picture.  So, shivers are included in the pic.  Winking smile

Rant of the day – two days ago I could change the color of my blog title, and yesterday I could not.  WordPress changed their customization template and something that was available to me is now gone, unless I want to pay for an upgrade, apparently.  I cry foul.  /rant

Are you ready for 2016?  I swear, I’m so bad with the calendar that when people say “the 90s” I still think that was only like 10 years ago.  Where has the time flown?!  There are moments I think if I don’t hold on I’m going to go flying off this calendar merry-go-round that seems to be spinning way too fast.  My son, who was just born a few months ago I swear, is 14 now and starting homeschool high school next week.  If you see me with a wide, wild-eyed stare, it’s because I’m afraid to blink now!  O_O 

Have a wonderful and blessed New Year! 

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