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I Plead the 5th

Fifth Wednesday, that is!  Those are my special days, my built-in personal little vacation days.  Wednesdays are the days I schedule the “big” household chores, since we don’t do school on Wednesdays.  I clean the fridge or oven, that kind of thing.  But every so often, just four times a year in fact, there is a 5th Wednesday in a month.  When I was working up my household chores list a few years ago, I decided that those days would be my days to play.  If I want to play Sims on my computer all day, or watch movies, or talk on the phone, whatever I felt like doing, the 5th Wednesday was my personal guilt-free play day.  It’s the one day I give myself permission to not worry about being productive. 

How about you?  Do you build free days into your schedule?  Days that belong just to you, to do whatever you feel like doing?

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