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You know, after more than 9 years into this blogging thing, I still don’t know what I want my blog to be when it grows up.  So many bloggers I see seem to have a theme thing going on, like a focus on a single topic.  I’ve tried that.  Which is why I have like at least a half dozen blogs dedicated to one subject or other that interests me.  But because I have more interests than time, I don’t blog on those other sites as much as I want. 

Mostly, I think I wanted a way to connect with other people, and a place to express myself.  I’m pretty introverted and writing is much easier for me than vocalizing.  And every year around this time I wonder if I should focus on something on my blog, or have a dedicated thing – like every Monday is one subject – know what I mean?  Do you have a system for blogging?  Do you map out your posts?  Does it help?

I’ve also been thinking of resolutions for the new year.  As a general rule, I don’t do resolutions.  A couple times I have, but over all, I tend to believe that if something’s worth changing, there’s no time like the present to get started.  Or, at least next Monday.  Winking smile  Last year, I had a couple of things I wanted to learn in 2015 – making soap, and crocheting.  I did the soap thing, but I never found time for the crochet thing and honestly, I couldn’t really justify it.  No one in my family would wear a sweater and they tend to dislike yarn-y things in general.  So I tabled the crochet thing.  At least for now. 

For 2016 I have a few things I want to tackle.  I have some online notebooks that need serious pruning, as well as some email accounts.  I don’t really have anything new that I want to learn, per say, but I do want to learn more about soaping and essential oils.  I also want to focus more on my tech classes that I signed up for last year.  I’m using Trello to help keep me in line.  Oh, and walking.  I have a bad knee that I baby a lot because it starts to hurt when I stand too long, like when I’m making dinner or washing dishes.  But, babying it doesn’t seem to really help it at all, so I thought maybe walking would help more.  So I got one of those FitBit things to help me keep track and motivated.

How about you?  Do you do resolutions?  Do you have personal plans or blogging plans for the new year?  For that matter, do you have New Year’s Eve plans at all?  We like to stay in and hide behind the couch until the revelry is done.  Winking smile 

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6 thoughts on “Resolved?

  1. Sorry I’m late to this post, but happy New Year anyhow. I intended to comment when I first read it, but you know, life. To answer some of your questions – I blog about whatever I want because, first and foremost, I blog for me. I don’t have a blogging system or map out posts but I do write posts as I think of them so I usually have a draft up my sleeve. (Haha, that sounds like I have an airy arm 🙂 ) Sometimes my draft posts are never finished.

    I can see that a theme or a more regimented system would possibly target my audience better, as would designated blogging days but gaining followers has never been a priority for me. I figure, like minded people will find me eventually.

    I don’t really ‘get’ New Years, but it’s a good excuse to catch up with family. I don’t really do resolutions timed with New Year because, as you say, there is not time like the present. Nevertheless, happy New Year to you and yours.

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    1. Goodness, Kate, I’m sorry I’m late to respond! Yes, life, indeed! LOL You’re good with me, no worries. 🙂

      See, you echo my thoughts pretty well. I suppose if I had a business or was selling something, a more regimented system would almost be necessary. I do like the idea of posting about certain topics on certain days, like Music stuff on Monday, things like that. But I’ve not yet found something I’ve been able to stick to, except for the Funnies on Friday. Hmm.

      Happy New Year back to you!

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  2. Hm, sorry to hear that you have a painful knee. 😦 I hope that the Fitbit helps. I am quite fascinated by those gadgets, and have resisted getting one for myself because I can see myself becoming obsessed with it.

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    1. Thank you, Spark. 🙂

      You know, it’s weird, I got the FitBit to help track steps, which is does great, but the one I got also (unbeknownst to be when I got it) tracks sleep, too. I think that fascinates me even more than the step thing. It tells me all the times I was “restless” during sleep and I keep wondering, how does it know? It’s like creepy Santa – it sees me when I’m sleeping, lol. Still cool though! 😀


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