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Music Monday

The wind and ice was so bad today that we turned our computers and electronics off for safety’s sake.  We kept having these power flickers where things would go slightly dim for a few seconds, then restore itself to normal.  I had a delivery guy come this afternoon, and a trip that should have taken him 10 mins took close to 40.  He said there were several cars in ditches along the sides of the roads and that things were really icy.  So, Winter has finally arrived in Chicagoland, ain’t it grand?  [yes, that IS sarcasm!]  It certainly doesn’t help for those folks who get the post-Christmas blues.

Which is part of why I love this song so much.  Just because Christmas day is over, doesn’t mean that Christmas has to be over in our hearts, right?  We can have that every day.  And I particularly love this song because there is a day-after-Christmas birthday in our home.  Smile  I think I’m going to make it part of my post-Christmas tradition now.  I hope you enjoy!

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