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What Is Your Ideal Best Friend Like?

Well now, I’m not sure that I’m the perfect complement to a total extrovert.  I think I would totally annoy a total extrovert.  Totally.  lol

Actually, I thought it would be fun to post this because it’s my best friend’s birthday today!  He’s most definitely NOT a total extrovert, quite the opposite, in fact, which is part of why I think we get along so well.  We get each other.  So happy birthday beloved best friend husband!  I love you with all my heart and am so glad that we’re a best friend couple!  xoxox

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Your Ideal Best Friend is Fun
You have a little trouble breaking out of your shell at times, and you need a little coaxing.
You are really a fun person yourself, but you are sometimes reluctant to let loose.

Your perfect best friend is outgoing and friendly. You’re happy to be around a social butterfly.
A fun friend will recognize you for the treasure you are. You are the perfect complement to a total extrovert.