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Thursday Thumbnails

Playing with the nail tape I got last week.  I’m glad I took this as soon as I finished because most of it came off when I washed my hands afterward.  I guess I need to research a little more about how to use this stuff.  D’oh!


Bedbugs!  Of the best kind, my snuggle bug.  Open-mouthed smile  Shh, don’t tell her I posted this!


The plant the Rabbi gifted me when he came for dinner a couple years ago – it’s flowering again!  It was such a tiny thing when he brought it, too. 


The blessing jar! 


The blessing boxes.  Open-mouthed smile


The Christmas manicure. 


It’s almost Christmas!!  Merry merry happy happy!! 

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thumbnails

  1. Wow, that’s a happy plant. It’s nice to see that your green thumb translates inside for the winter. (I just checked your Christmas manicure and your thumb is indeed green.)

    Now I’m curious about the nail tape. Post again when you learn more! 🙂

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