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Thursday Thumbnails

Seems I haven’t been using my camera very much this month.  I feel like there’s been so much going on but mostly it’s busy-ness, you know?  I haven’t even painted my nails!  But, some manicure stuff I ordered from Amazon finally came in and I’m sooo excited.  I’ve never used nail tape before so I can’t wait to play. 

I made these – it was from a truffle recipe and I tweaked it a little to make something more like petits fours.  I thought my husband could take these in to work Friday for the holidays, but it turns out one of his co-workers has a birthday today, so I managed to get them ready a day ahead of planned.  Whew!  I hope they like them!*  My daughter decided she wants these for her next birthday.  I’m going to try to get up a post about how I did it on my recipes blog this weekend. 

Since I didn’t have any other pictures, I thought I’d add a couple of sayings that I really like.



Have a great day! 

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*my husband emailed me this afternoon to let me know at least one person liked them, yay! 

6 thoughts on “Thursday Thumbnails

    1. I think you can do both with it, I’ve seen images of people using it to make a design, then painting over it, then peel off the tape to reveal the design. I’ve also seen pics of people using the tape as decoration, because it comes in so many colors. My first attempt wasn’t very successful though, as it all came off when I washed my hands not long after applying it. Maybe Google knows how I can do it better. 🙂


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