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Thursday Thumbnails

Seems I haven’t been using my camera very much this month.  I feel like there’s been so much going on but mostly it’s busy-ness, you know?  I haven’t even painted my nails!  But, some manicure stuff I ordered from Amazon finally came in and I’m sooo excited.  I’ve never used nail tape before so I can’t wait to play. 

I made these – it was from a truffle recipe and I tweaked it a little to make something more like petits fours.  I thought my husband could take these in to work Friday for the holidays, but it turns out one of his co-workers has a birthday today, so I managed to get them ready a day ahead of planned.  Whew!  I hope they like them!*  My daughter decided she wants these for her next birthday.  I’m going to try to get up a post about how I did it on my recipes blog this weekend. 

Since I didn’t have any other pictures, I thought I’d add a couple of sayings that I really like.



Have a great day! 

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*my husband emailed me this afternoon to let me know at least one person liked them, yay!