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Live Writer Lives!


There was an announcement today that will bring cheer to bloggers who have used and cherished Windows Live Writer. The team at Microsoft has been allowed to take this marvelous blogging tool to the open source community where its development and support can live on.

Live Writer Lives! | Live Writer Basics

It’s no secret that Windows Live Writer has been my favorite – heck, my ONLY blogging tool since I discovered it back in … 2008?  2009?  Gosh, I can’t even recall.  I can probably count on my fingers the number of posts I’ve done without it.  It’s like a do-all, be-all, one-stop-shopping tool for blogging.  And for people who have more than one blog, having all your blogs in one place is an awesome feat. 

Microsoft stopped updating it a few years ago though, 2012 was their last cycle.  It was designed for people to use with the old Windows Live Spaces, and after that died, well, Windows didn’t see much point in keeping up with the Writer, despite all the begging from the users who loved it. 

It’s such an awesome tool that it still works with many blogging services, including WordPress.  Not so much with Blogger though, because Google has changed their authentication process.  (All the more reason to switch to WordPress if you ask me.  Winking smile )*

Recently, Microsoft released Live Writer into the open-source community, where a Microsoft employee who loves the Writer is getting a new open version off the ground.  It’s called Open Live Writer.  And it’s run totally by volunteers. 

Now, I can’t use it because right now they only have a version ready for Windows 10, and I’m (stubbornly) still on Windows 7.  Fortunately I can continue to use the standard MS release of Windows Live Writer

You Windows 10 WordPress users though, I encourage to give it a whirl and see what you think. 

And then let me know!

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PS *OR you could also link your Blogger blog to your WordPress blog with a recipe from IFTTT, like this one, If I post on WordPress, then create a post on Blogger. by grantnieddu – IFTTT and just have it post automatically.  Smile

9 thoughts on “Live Writer Lives!

  1. Wow! Scott Hanselman?! He’s HUGE in developer circles! I had no idea he’d be involved! EPIC! (Don’t think he’s a MS employee anymore though, FYI.)

    Are you SURE only the Win10 version works? His article indicates otherwise.

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  2. Oh yeah, I see Scott’s about page still says he works for MS out of his home. And I see the OLW team focused on Win10, but it does say they hope to support Win7 and 8 for a while at least. You should at least try it to see if it will work, Love!


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    1. Unless changes have been made since Monday, yep, I’ve tried. It won’t install on my computer. I suppose it’s just as well at this point though, as I have so much invested in WLW. I mean, all the plug-ins, and stuff in my drafts folder, etc. I’m sure I’ll d/l it onto my laptop though, to see how it goes there. 🙂


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  3. Open Live Writer works nicely on Windows 10, however, it does not at present support Blogger blogs. The team stated that they are working with people at Google to get that resolved. This is a dedicated team. OLW will shortly be THE way to blog. Keep spreading the news!

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