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Microsoft and OneDrive storage

I don’t know if you’ve heard the news, that Microsoft has discontinued unlimited OneDrive storage.  Honestly, I didn’t even know that was an option.  What I did know was that a couple of years ago, Microsoft had some promotions where you could add 15GB of storage to your OneDrive if you used it as camera roll storage from your phone, and another 15GB for something else I can’t recall.  They had a few promotions going on after they changed the name from SkyDrive to OneDrive. 

Recently, Microsoft has been doing some revamping of some of their products, OneDrive being one of them.  As I said, they’ve discontinued the unlimited storage, and are planning on doing away with whatever extra storage perks you may have gotten, whether through the camera roll upgrade or something else.  They are going to eliminate that extra storage as of Jan 1st, 2016 and drop it down to the default 5GB.  If you’ve gotten that bonus storage in the past, and want to keep it, you need to read the article linked below and click the link provided in it. 

Thought you’d want to know.  Smile

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Microsoft will let you keep your free 15GB of OneDrive storage, if you claim it | PCWorld

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What’s Your Creative Power?

Wellll, maybe *some of this is true.  I’m not dramatic by any means, but I do like to dream and I am a tiny bit on the idealistic side.  And I am also a hard core realist.  Also, bossy me likes very much to be in charge.  Open-mouthed smile  I should have had younger siblings!

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Your Creative Power is Your Logic
You’re the type of person who is great at execution. You don’t just dream about ideas – you make them happen!
You are idealistic and determined, but you are also a realist. You only undertake projects you’re pretty sure you can finish.

You are a natural problem solver, and you actually think better when you’re being challenged.
You do best when you work by yourself or when you’re in charge. You ideas are big, dramatic, and the best.