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Need a Tissue?

My husband came home Thursday with a cold, just in time for his 4-day weekend.  He was not a happy camper, let me tell you, and who could blame him?  The kids’ last day of school was Friday, and he was hoping to be able to hang out with them. 

Then Sunday night, my son and daughter both started to feel the onset symptoms, too.  If I’m going to get it, we figure it’ll hit me tonight, based on past experience.  This thing seems to have like a 3-4 day incubation period. 

Whatever it is, (and thankfully it doesn’t seem to be a flu) it involves a lot of sneezing and runny noses; lots of congestion.  So far, collectively, my family has gone through about a half dozen boxes of tissue in as many days. 

That’s a lot of tissue.  And no one, and I mean no one anywhere, likes to get up to throw a tissue away when they’re feeling sick.  No one likes to move the garbage can around the house, either, and no one who’s healthy wants to be the one to take the used tissues to the garbage so the sick person doesn’t have to get up.

1209151559bA couple years ago, I saw this idea – pretty sure I saw it on Pinterest but I couldn’t swear to that.  It has been one of the best ideas.  I took an empty standard or family sized tissue box, and covered it.  You can use whatever floats your boat.  I used Con-tact paper because it’s easy to wipe but you could use fabric to color co-ordinate with your room, too.  Then you put in a full box of the boutique sized box, and an empty one.  The empty box becomes your tissue tosser.  When it’s full, all you have to do is throw away the box of yucky tissues and exchange it for a new empty box.  I keep a stash of empty tissue boxes on hand now for just this reason. 

I’ve made one for every member of our family, and I’ve learned to keep tissues as close to “nearby” as possible. 

While having a cold is never fun, this, at least, has made tissue disposal a lot more convenient.

Do you have any tips or tricks for when someone in the family is sick?

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