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Thursday Thumbnails

Isn’t this an awesome tree?  I’ve been taking pictures of it for years.  I love how it’s so muti-colored.  The reds, burgundys, greens, and golds, all blended so epically together. 


The kids and I went for a walk late on the Friday after Thanksgiving, and I saw … this.
Phone Pics 2015 K NOV (211)

And then this!
Phone Pics 2015 K NOV (215)Phone Pics 2015 K NOV (218)

Seems that wet, heavy snow we had a couple weeks ago was too wet and too heavy for some of the trees around here.

I was talking to Maintenance Guy V when he came over to replace my faucet and he said that all together we lost about 50 trees around here this year.  These were lost because of the snow, but the others were cut down because they had some kind of tree blight and they were trying to save the non-infected ones.  I knew we’d lost a lot but 50?!  Wow, it was even worse than I thought!

The Thanksgiving manicure. 

(spied on one of our late night jaunts) Happy grill cover is happy.

We got the tree up!  And then roasted chestnuts on an open fire.  Winking smile 

Phone Pics 2015 K NOV (208)

I tried making those apple pie cookies – have you seen them?  Epic mess!  I feel like I wasted so much filling and dough and caramel!  It was an adorable idea but one I won’t be doing again.  I split one with my husband (we try not to eat sweets) and they tasted really good, but the kids wouldn’t touch them.  The picky eaters!  So I ended up giving them to Maintenance Guy V when he came to fix the faucet.  Smile  He liked them!  So, taste is fine, but not worth the mess to me.  Your mileage may vary. 
Phone Pics 2015 K NOV (222)

The Hanukkah manicure.

How’s your week been?

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