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Don’t Step In The Crack


No one witnessed the crack’s start.


Gilliland told the station that weeks later the crack had grown a lot.
“I don’t really think anyone knows what happened out there, all of a sudden it was just there. I think the reason it’s so fascinating is it’s so big. And it doesn’t make any sense, where it happened it’s just like the ground opened up, and the size of it is just huge.”

Massive Crack Opens in Wyoming

The Grand Canyon had a baby, and called it “Mini Me”!   

This story really fascinated me.  I was floored when I saw the pictures in the article, because they reminded me SO much of that other well-known canyon.  The features are identical. 

A river didn’t cause this at all, it just happened.  I’d be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts though that water will start flowing through it at some point, because that’s what water does – finds the lowest point and flows there, it finds its own level.  And when that happens, will people in the future think the river caused the crack, when it reality it’ll be the crack that causes river to flow there?

It’s just one of those things that make me go, “Hmm.”  Our world is pretty fascinating. 

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8 thoughts on “Don’t Step In The Crack

      1. Wow. Frickin’ WOW. So, if we had, say, 40 days and 40 nights of hard rain, and then a major seismic event which released oceans of water onto the surface, you *might* end up with something Grand…like maybe a Canyon. Y’know?

        Just sayin’.

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