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Thanksgiving (49)My husband and I, we love Thanksgiving.  We love that it’s a Christian holiday – it was thankfulness to God, specifically the Christian God, that inspired the Pilgrims.  We love that it was an American holiday.  It seems to be uniquely ours, as Christians and Americans.

However, we don’t celebrate it as others do.

Like the Pilgrims, we feel like we are in a strange land, with no family around us, and like the Pilgrims this is by choice (but for vastly different reasons).  It’s not about the food for us, and we don’t believe it was for them either.  We believe that it was about the gratitude, and that the Pilgrims would have celebrated with caviar, or pineapple, or avocados, if that’s what had been available to them.  So, we don’t adhere to a traditional menu on Thanksgiving, but we choose one that we feel will best reflect our gratitude.  It’s worked out pretty well for us.  Besides, who wants to break their diet for turkey?  Winking smile

We’re preparing for our day of gratitude.  Getting ready all those fun things to eat.  Focusing our thoughts, and our hearts, on Christ, the Giver of all things.  And my wish for you is that you too will feel that sense of thankfulness, that deep sense of gratitude that fills a heart no matter what it’s been through, the hardships or heartbreak it’s faced.  There is a joy that quiets the sorrows.  I wish for you to know it, to experience it to its fullest, that your hearts be overflowing with an abundance of joy no matter what’s on your plate.

And please know that I am thankful for the opportunity to touch your lives, to see things that you see, to read about the things you experience and think about.  I am glad I know you.  Smile

Have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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