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Vacation Time

Let the vacation begin!  Woo! 

At the end of school today, our vacation time officially began.  My husband has been off of work since he got home Friday evening, but the kids still had school yesterday and today.  But now they are done and we have the rest of the week off.  After that is one more week of school to finish our school year and then a whole month off!  But that’s for another post.

For the rest of this week it’ll be movies – right now my husband is in an eschatological mood so he’s searching for programs that deal with that topic, but tomorrow he’ll probably be in horror movie mood.  The man loves him some horror flicks and no vacation time passes without at least one B-level horror movie.  And then he will write and write some more.  Writers have to have books to publish, you know.

It kind of feels like an extra Friday.  So we’ll put another pot of coffee on and get down to the serious business of kicking back.  Smile

Do you have any favorite movies to watch for relaxing?  What kinds of things do you like to do to when you have some free time coming up?

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