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Nature Monday

I can’t believe I almost forgot to post today!  I am so used to taking pictures of the garden for my posts for the last 7 months, that when I didn’t take pictures, I spaced off on the post.  *dork*

I thought instead I’d share some pictures I took the other night of the snow we got.  It was so lovely, I was happy as my husband’s vacation had just started, so I decided to take a little picture walk.  The kids wanted to go with me, for “an adventure.” 

One of our neighbors has these lovely blue lights up.  It’s kind of cool how they reflect back into my place even though they’re just a few doors down.  The office windows face us both, so I can see the reflection in those windows when I look out my own at night.  It’s a triangulation thing I guess. 


Can you see how much snow has accumulated on the branches?  It was such a heavy, wet snow.  I love those, as they make everything so quiet.  You can almost hear the snowflakes fall, but you have to be really, really quiet.  Winking smile


Well, guess we won’t be needing those air conditioners for a while!  My daughter said they’re wearing snow hats. 


It’s so still, it’s like the world is waiting with bated breath for something magical to happen.  I love how it’s so pristine here – no footprints, animal or human.


The trees are clad in snowflakes instead of leaves.  They went from their blazing Autumn glory, to this fluffy Winter glory.




As for my garden, yeah, you can say that’s a wrap!


How was your weekend? 

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7 thoughts on “Nature Monday

    1. Thanks! My daughter bemoans that her summer birthday is so hot, so I told her she had a winter birthday in Australia. I suspect one day she’ll go there just to have a wintery birthday to see what it’s like, lol. 🙂

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