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Frou frou

My brain says “Oh, big deal, grow up, it’s just a broken nail!  It’ll grow back, dumbass!  It always does.”

My heart said, “Oh no!  It’s ruined!” and weeps.

Really, truly, I’m not so shallow.  Honest.  I’m deep, I’m analytical, I’m thoughtful, I’m smart.  Honest!

Does it mean I’m not any of those things if I fret that I broke a nail?

I just really love my nails.  And my hair.  I’m a girl!

And damn, I adore being a girl. 

And I’ve had way too much wine.  My husband’s vacation started this evening!  Woo!  Do you know what this means?!  No 6AM alarm, for a whole week! (cue Monkees – Daydream Believer The 6 o’clock alarm will never ring!)

Plus, it’s Shabbat!

And it’s been snowing, wow.  Like several inches in just a couple hours, wow.

This was around 8ish …

I said to the kids, “I want to go take pictures!  It’s so pretty, I want to go for a walk!” 

So they opted to go with me, and asked to check out the workout facilities here, where I broke my nail showing them how to use the equipment.  Like I’m knowledgeable about that sort of thing.  *snort*  But my son wants to learn how to work out, and management won’t let him do that without me or his father present.  He’s a minor and rules, you know. 

And this was around 11:30ish …

Now the snowplows are out.  Making their constant beeping noise as they back-up.  Still, I’m thankful.  I’ve lived in places that didn’t plow, or where I had to plow.

The first year I lived here in IL it snowed before Thanksgiving, and we went on to have one of the worst Winters ever.  EVER.  More than 6 feet of snow in a single storm ever. 

So this former CA girl is a little nervous about the coming Winter.  But for now, as long as no one I love has to drive in it, it’s pretty.  Otherwise, my statement still stands: Snow is best viewed in snow globes and postcards. 

In the meantime, thank you Lord for husbands on vacation, for snowplows, for wine, oh yes for wine, for Shabbat, and thank you Lord for nail glue. 

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4 thoughts on “Frou frou

    1. Ha! Yes, us Irish folk do tend to like the drink – either beer or whiskey I’ve heard. I think that wine is fine, however, and I’m (mostly) not even French!

      I’m so glad you like me being a girl. I really like you being a guy too – it works out so well! *kiss*

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