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Thursday Thumbnails

The hard boiled eggs I thought I’d boiled to death by forgetting they were on the stove.  Okay, I got distracted!  I was helping my daughter with some school stuff and then email and then ohcraptheeggs!  How long, you ask?  Um … okay okay, an hour!  I admit it, I boiled these bad boys for an hour.  *sigh*  But they turned out just fine and I will NEVER worry about over-boiling eggs again.  EVER.

The cake I made for my son’s birthday.  He and his dad have been playing Mass Effect since last Christmas, so I thought a combo-logo from the game might be fun to put on his cake.  Spectre status recognized!  Winking smile

The trees across the way.  Aren’t the colors just stunning?!

The manicure.  My daughter suggested purple, yellow, and blue.

The organizer I’ve been playing with working on.  Thinking of doing a post on this, because I just know everyone is as fascinated by organizers as I am.  What?  You are, right?  You didn’t – did you just roll your eyes at me?

Snapshots of my week.  Your turn!

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4 thoughts on “Thursday Thumbnails

  1. My mom has a recipe for Passover eggs (the ones that you pass around and dip in salt water) that involves simmering them ALL DAY in water with onion skins and coffee grounds. It turns them a pretty shade of tan, and if any of the shells are cracked in the process they get a cool, marbled effect. So, yes, I can confirm that it is not possible to over-boil eggs.

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    1. I didn’t realize the Passover eggs were simmered all day! The family that did the eggs for Passover services at the congregation we were attending never said how long they took to prepare – I just assumed it was the standard 12 mins. Thanks for sharing that! 🙂


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