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Thursday Thumbnails

I rendered tallow a few weeks ago.  I described the process over on my soap making blog, Making Tallow | SoapiNessence.  This is the end result. 
Phone Pics 2015 J OCT (10)

With the tallow I rendered, I made soap!  It’s the best soap I’ve made so far, I think.  My skin feels so much better after using it.
Phone Pics 2015 J OCT (48)

A friend of ours took me and the kids to a turkey shoot last weekend.  It was so fun!  They had a chance to hold real guns and get a feel for it – not like a game controller, that’s for sure!  lol  They had a blast (no pun intended!), and even hit the paper turkey!  Open-mouthed smile

The manicure.

Playing with a recipe my family really enjoys.  I made leftovers into a casserole instead of doing it like it’s done in the recipe.  Unfussy Lemon-Basil Butter Chicken Skillet from

A really foggy late night the other night.  That’s not the moon, that’s one of the lights on the building across the way.  Visibility was really low and it just looked super cool, so I took a picture.  Smile

Those are some snapshots from my week.  Do you record things like that too?

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