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Mom: *Grumbling about the recently discovered virus on her computer.  Grumble, grumble. GRUMBLE.*

Daughter:  Is the plural for virus “virii” or “viruses”?

Mom:  I think both are used, but I think “virii” is the more correct form.*

Son: I want to make it so the plural for squid is “squad.”


*Mom was wrong, it is in fact viruses.

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5 thoughts on “Conversations

    1. Well, I had it run a full scan overnight, and it rebooted and magically rearranged all my icons. I have managed to reinstall 2 programs back, got a 3rd from a 3rd party site, and still haven’t gotten the 4th one back. I thought there was a 5th but my brain is mush and I can’t recall right now.

      I know you’d help, Love. Never doubted that for a second.

      I just thought “squad” was a cute plural for squid. He makes me laugh. 😀

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