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Nature Monday

Despite another night this weekend around 30°, there are still a few stragglers hanging on.  Wow!  Many of the trees around here are bare, although some are still clinging desperately to their Autumn glory. 

11-09-2015GW28 (4)

The Chrysanthemums though, they seem to be getting ready to burst with blooms.  They like cool weather.  And there seems to be something that likes my mums, if the holes dug into the soil in the pot are any indication.  Might be a squirrel or chipmunk looking for food. 

11-09-2015GW28 (8)

The Snapdragons are still hanging in there.  Losing their spirit a bit though.

11-09-2015GW28 (10)

The Asparagus Fern is still strong, yay!  As are the Dusty Miller plants.  The Sweet Alyssum however, is winding down.

11-09-2015GW28 (13)

I love this tree.  It almost looks like three trees in one from my vantage point.  A few years ago I had to go check, just to be sure, but no, it’s just a single tree, with a lot of personality.  Smile

11-09-2015GW28 (32)

This might be the last garden post until next Spring.  I can feel the colder weather coming, and we have more sub-freezing temps coming this weekend.  So, we’ll see how things hold on through that.  How’s your garden or other hobby going?  Do you do things differently in Winter?

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