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Thumbnail Thursday

Pumpkin Spice Cupcakes I made for the ladies at the office.

Phone Pics 2015 (573)

Crescent dogs I made for the kids’ lunch the other day.  Boy, I was “Awesome Mom” that day!  LOL  I much prefer that to “Ogre Mom.”  Winking smile

Phone Pics 2015 (577)

Tallow soap I made – turned out awesome!  I am so excited!

Phone Pics 2015 (582)

Heh, literally thumbnails!  LOL  I painted my nails for Halloween.

Phone Pics 2015 (587)

Phone Pics 2015 (588)

Halloween cupcakes I made for the kids.  My youngest decided not to go trick-or-treating, so I compensated.

Phone Pics 2015 (595)

Phone Pics 2015 (596)

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8 thoughts on “Thumbnail Thursday

    1. Thanks, Love! I was surprised the kids actually liked them even though they were Pumpkin Spice. And of course, they love the chocolate ones. Those are almost gone.

      I surprised them with the Crescent dogs. They loved me that day, and now they have a new favorite. 🙂

      Love you madly!

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