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Nature Monday

Twenty-seven.  Twenty-seven whole weeks!  I am amazed by how long the garden has lasted this year!  What a bounty!  What a blessing to be able to enjoy it this long. 

I confess, I haven’t done much this week.  I think I watered once, but we’ve had quite a bit of rain, and humid weather, so the soil in the pots is still pretty moist.  I’ve stopped dead-heading, as I figured things would be dying soon and why cut the blooms when the plants won’t have a chance to make more anyway?  So I’m letting things die down now and just enjoying their last displays.  The perennials I’ll be cutting back after we have a good frost, and the annuals I’ll be plucking out and tossing.  I wish I could have a compost pile here. 

 11-02-2015GW27 (3)

Snapdragons again.  Sorry to keep repeating them, but they’re the most prolific and showy right now.  And, I love the colors.  Pink, yellow, and white, hello! 

11-02-2015GW27 (10)

The Chrysanthemums are starting to show off though!  I was getting a bit concerned that they weren’t going to bloom much before frost but they seem to be coming around.  Hopefully they’ll fill out in the next few days.

11-02-2015GW27 (8)

I was playing with my photo software again.  Some of my shots turned out on the blurry side thanks to the breezy afternoon we’re having.  I also figured out how to play with the settings on my camera so I was messing around with that, too.  This first collage is all flowers. 

Duh.  You know, in case you couldn’t tell.  *eyeroll*

11-02-2015GW27 (31) Collage

This one is mostly the trees around here.  They’re still an interesting mix, despite losing so many this Summer. 

11-02-2015GW27 (33) Collage

That’s my garden this week.  Still growing!  How about yours? 

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