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Nature Monday

I can’t believe it – 26 weeks of a garden!  An entire half a year!  In Northern IL!  Seriously, how epic is that?!  And some of the plants still even look halfway decent, too.  The Snapdragons, Dianthus, and Marigolds are the heaviest hitters, but the Dusty Miller is holding pretty steady, and the Sweet Alyssum is hanging in there, as well.  I am so thrilled, can you tell?  lol

10-26-2015GW26 (4)

I had to give a nod to the Dianthus this week, after 2 weeks straight of Snapdragons.  Their color is so vibrant still.

10-26-2015GW26 (7)

I really love Asparagus Fern.  I love its lightness and airiness.  It’s so feathery looking and fills out so well.  I hope to get more next year.

10-26-2015GW26 (13)

I was trying to get close-ups of some of the flowers and I thought this one of the Lavender stalk would make a nice one and stand out against the beige of the pot behind it.  Note to self, don’t try to take close-up shots of flowers on a breezy day.  It only looks like the Lavender is photo-bombing the Marigold pot.  D’oh!  Silly Lavender!

10-26-2015GW26 (38)

What I did experiment with though, is the Windows Live Photo Gallery.  That’s what I use for my blog posts with photos.  They have this collage feature I’ve never tried before, so I put in some of the close-ups I took today to see what kind of collage they would make.  I’m actually pretty pleased with how it turned out! 

10-26-2015GW26 (43) Collage

So that’s the news from the garden this week.  And who knows?  At this rate, barring any freezes this week, there might even be a Week 27! 

How’s your hobby going?

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10 thoughts on “Nature Monday

  1. Hey! This is, hopefully, the most automated comment you will ever-ever receive from me. I’ve popped over to say I finally put together the blogroll for NanoPoblano, I wanted you to check it out, and make sure that (1) you still want to participate and (2) your blog name is written as you want it written, and (3) I didn’t leave out super important information. Then, leave a comment introducing yourself. This is the page I’ll be directing people to through the month, so I’m hoping they’ll see your comment and be excited to go check you out. It should say something like, “Hey, Cheer Peppers– I’m So&So. I write about such&such. Come by and say hey.” I’ll be pruning comments on that page so it’s just link backs from posts, positive Pepper messages, and your intro. I’ll be sharing the page tomorrow night, all over town, so if you can put something up before then, that’d be awesome. If not, no worries, we have a whole month to go.

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  2. Ooh, that collage turned out nicely. I would buy that image on a poster-sized sheet to use as cheerful wrapping paper. 🙂

    My indoor garden is happy, despite the waning daylight. I’ll have to look into my Venus fly trap’s dormancy needs soon. That’s going to be an interesting project.

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    1. Thanks, Spark! I never thought of wrapping paper, what a great idea! 🙂

      I also never thought of the Flytrap’s dormancy needs. I don’t think I ever thought of them as needing to go dormant since I’ve only had them as houseplants. Like everything though, I’m sure it does need a rest now and then. 🙂

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