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Nature Monday

We made it!  We got past the frost on Fri and Sat nights and survived!  I moved all my pots to our little patio, figuring if they survived, boo-yah, and if not, well we’ve had a good run.  [Well, actually, the kids did most of the heavy lifting.  Credit where it’s due.  Smile]  I think temps got down to around 29-31ish on both nights, so the patio area was just enough to keep the plants protected.  Any colder than that and they probably would have frozen to death.  As it is, we have day time temps back in the 70s for the next couple of days, and no nighttime temps lower than the mid-40s for the next several days, so I may get a week 26 out of this thing – an entire half year!  Unreal!  Even my perennials made it through the frost too, so that’s awesome. 

10-19-2015GW25 (5)

Favorite this week I think is the Snapdragons.  Yes, I know again, but Snapdragons!  Look at how colorful they are!  So cheerful looking.  Smile

10-19-2015GW25 (17)

And the Marigolds are persistent, despite the squirrel who’s apparently been coming to dine.  I caught him out there one day and he tore out of the place like the Furies were after him, which of course, they were, because I was as mad as one seeing him eating my plants.  Stupid tree rat. 

10-19-2015GW25 (16)

While I was out taking pictures today I saw this little guy on a window sill.  I don’t know what kind of bug he is but he was moving real slow.  I didn’t want to touch him in case he had a stinger or something.  I really don’t do bugs very well.  But, he was interesting so I took his picture.

10-19-2015GW25 (8)

And that, unbelievably, is the garden this week.  How’s your garden, or other hobby, growing?

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5 thoughts on “Nature Monday

  1. I can’t believe they made it! Awesome! Pretty cool, and I guess that little beetle’s tougher than he looks too, having survived the freeze too.

    Here’s hoping for a week 26! W00t!


  2. Indeed, those are gorgeous snapdragons.
    There are a LOT of squirrels in my neighbourhood. I’m not sure what they get up to in peoples’ gardens, but I do know that they are spending a lot of time in the oak trees on my walk to work, gathering acorns.

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    1. Oh I know what those pesky squirrels are up to! They dig up precious bulbs that you plant in the Autumn for your Spring garden, things like Hyacinths and Tulips and Crocus, and eat them!

      I am … not fond … of squirrels, can you tell? LOL


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