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Nature Monday

I am almost giddy with delight – my garden is still blooming and it’s the middle of October!  I’ve lost a couple Pansies, and Celosia, but otherwise, things are still going pretty strong.  The Marigolds seem to be thriving, too.  And it looks like I’m going to have a lot of Mums blooming soon, if we stay above freezing temperatures.

10-12-2015GW24 (2)

The Snapdragons are my favorite this week.  I mean just look at those blooms!  All my Snaps are blooming.  The severe shearing I gave them a few weeks ago is really paying off big time now, woo! 

10-12-2015GW24 (15)

I had to take a picture of this tree across the way.  The way part of it is burgundy and part still green was so striking to me that I had to capture an image of it.  It almost looks like two trees but it’s not, it’s just one.  There were a few like this, another variety of tree, they’re green and yellow.  It’s a lovely Autumn so far.  Smile

10-12-2015GW24 (32)

Okay, okay, here’s the yellow one, too.  The green part isn’t as dramatic but it’s there.  I love the two-toned trees.  Smile

10-12-2015GW24 (30)

And how is your garden / hobby going this week?

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