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Nature Monday

I can hardly believe it, but here it is, week 23 for me in the garden.  In October!  And there are still blooms on some of my plants, and we haven’t had a freeze yet.  Not that it’s been warmer than normal or anything, we just haven’t had a frost.  It’s been a lovely Autumn so far and I hope there’s more to come. 

10-05-2015GW23 (3)

The Marigolds ranked the top spot again this week.  They’re coming back pretty strong after the severe cutback a few weeks ago and are rewarding me with lots of flowers.  I admire their hardiness, if not their color. 

10-05-2015GW23 (19)

Also back on my favorites list this week are the Sweet Alyssum.  I thought this pot might be a goner a few weeks ago but it’s recovering nicely and even sharing some lovely fragrance. 

10-05-2015GW23 (12)

We’re still hanging tough here and may even have more for next week, as there’s no frost in the 10-day forecast.  Nice!

How about you?  How’s your garden / hobby going this week?

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