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Nature Monday

I almost can’t believe I’ve made it this far in the garden.  I actually had to create a “week 22” tag for my pictures because this is the first time I’ve gotten to this point.  If things continue to hold out, I’ll have to create an “October” tag for my garden pictures as well. 

Autumn officially began last week and still no sign of frost, so that’s good.  I think we’ll be able to squeeze out a few more blooms out of this thing.  Smile

I think the big cutback I did a few weeks ago is turning out to be a good thing.  I’ve had a nice little resurgence from a lot of my plants, and now that the weather’s turning a bit cooler, some plants are starting to perk up. 

2015-09-28 GW22 (3)

I really like this pot this week.  I love how the Dianthus has come racing back with lots of blooms in the last couple of weeks.  The colors are so bright!

2015-09-28 GW22 (7)

And this pot of Sweet Alyssum has really endeared itself to me.  I thought I was going to die, it got so heat damaged and then I cut it back so far.  But look at it now!  It’s happy, so I am too.  Smile

2015-09-28 GW22 (11)

How’s your garden growing this week?  Or whatever your hobby might be?

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