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Nature Monday

We’re still hanging on here in the garden.  Can you believe Autumn is just 2 days away?!  Me either! 

I can see that Summer’s heat has taken its toll on some of my plants.  I’ve lost a couple Pansies, and Celosia, and a couple of the Marigolds have nearly given up the ghost.  I think losing our tree was hard on some of the plants because it did provide a measure of shade, even though most of the leaves didn’t bloom this year before they cut it down.  And I can also see that the severe cutback I did a couple weeks ago has produced some new growth in the Snapdragons and Sweet Alyssum, so I’m hoping for some last minute blooms from them before first frost.  As to when that will happen, who knows?  One of my weather apps has a 2 week projection, and the lowest they’re showing is in the mid-40s at some point in the coming 14 days.  Which will be wonderful sleeping weather, I might add! 


I’m pleased with the Dianthus pot this week.  It’s really made a nice comeback after I cut it down so far. 


Of course, I still can’t resist my “Grecian Urn” pot.  The plants have done really well this year here.  I attribute it to more shade.


This is one of two of my Lavender plants.  This is the one doing the best.  It really took off like gangbusters and is thriving in this spot.  I’m so happy with it!  I’m hoping next year to have a nice bushy plant that I can snip some flowers, stems, and leaves off of to use in soaps and stuff. 



How is your garden growing this week? 

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7 thoughts on “Nature Monday

  1. Your garden is growing strong!

    I ran across the term “celosia” in an architectural context the other day. I thought it looked familiar, and then Google reminded me that I learned the word on your blog. Apparently it also means a stone wall that has been carved so that light passes through it in a decorative manner, or something like that. A quick look turned up example photos but no actual text definition. Huh. Well, it’s good to learn something new every day, right?


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