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It is past time for a Thursday Thankfulness post!  I seem to have slacked off on this over the Summer, and slacking on gratitude is never a good thing.

This month I am so grateful for the chance to visit with my step-brother.  Now, we were never officially steps, but our parents dated when we were young and we thought we were going to be steps, and just kind of stayed that way in our friendship even though our respective parents went their separate ways.

Since we live in different parts of the country now, and have only seen each other a handful of times in the last few decades, being able to visit was a rare treat.  He was only able to stay for the weekend, but how nice to just hang out!  We even got to stay up late once talking like when we were young and would chat away for hours on the phone.  Open-mouthed smile

He is one of those few people in my life who have been faithful and loyal, so much more than those with whom I’ve shared DNA.  We may not be related, but we are family, and for that, I am grateful beyond measure.

What are you thankful for this month?

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